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At Superior Capital, we purchase and stabilize commercial assets to produce stable cash flow and net capital gains. We operate our assets with urgency and efficiency providing value to tenants, vendors, and most importantly investors.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to operate a fund that will always put the investor first while providing value to the community by upgrading/stabilizing commercial assets. We provide excellent investment opportunities to our investors and partners while prioritizing the safety and enjoyment of our tenants.


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Committed To Bringing Great Returns To Our Investors

We pride ourselves in ensuring our investors are happy with the choice they make. From CEOs to regular working-class members, we are changing the investment game for everyone involved in our fund.

Invest In Quality

Unlike many investment funds, we look at real estate as a business rather than a passive investment. Our goal is to not only produce cash flow but to also raise the value of the investment just like any successful business would.

With diverse strategies, efficient thinking, and a disciplined mindset, we can see success in what we do.

Diverse Strategies
Efficient Thinking
Risk Management

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a real estate syndication?

A real estate syndication is a group of two or more investors coming together to put money into a fund to buy property as an investment.

2. How do investors get paid?

Investors get paid by receiving a monthly cash flow distribution and when a property sells or gets refinanced, the investor will receive their initial investment back plus any additional appreciation the property has gained.

3. How long will my money be invested?

Our projected hold period is 24-36 months. Each property will be different depending on the strategy we implement.